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Meet Mark & Shannon Romano

Co-founders Mark and Shannon Romano have over 30 years of combined experience in healthcare and a firm understanding of the legislation that governs and guides advance care planning in British Columbia; the partners in life and business were inspired to create Motivation Medics Inc. in 2010.

Shannon Romano,

Co-founder, Motivation Medics Inc.

In 1991, Shannon married Mark, and just shy of a decade later the couple-turned-business partners started a private home support service designed to help seniors remain independent in their own homes. In 2002, she returned to post-secondary to earn her degree in social work with a specialization in ageing. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, she supervised adult day programs and eventually went on to earn a Master of Social Work degree from the University of British Columbia. Her career has spanned the private and public sectors with time spent at Interior Health, Provincial Health Services Authority, and as a private contractor to residential care facilities and primary care settings.

Shannon is a registered member of BC College of Social Workers and has been a member of the BC Association of Social Workers since 2004. She is a qualified healthcare provider under the BC Adult Guardianship Act and has extensive training and education in advanced care planning legislation in BC; care planning for vulnerable adults; dementia care; cognitive assessment; person-centered care; elder abuse prevention; consent to health care in BC; and best practices in hospital care for seniors.

Mark Romano,

Co-founder, Motivation Medics Inc.

Mark Romano is a BC registered care aide whose career began shortly after volunteering at a care home in 1998. Instantly drawn to the field, Mark went to college to become a Residential Care Aide and began the first private home care service for seniors in his community. He eventually went on to provide workshops on best practices for providing private home support services.

Since 1999, Mark has offered support services to seniors and their caregivers in home, community, and residential care settings. Throughout the years, Mark realized much of his work included emotional support for seniors and their caregivers, and he later returned to post-secondary to earn a Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling. Working with seniors in both private and public sectors has taught Mark the importance of empathy, compassion and understanding, as well as the need for sound and informed advocacy. Throughout his career, Mark has remained a passionate advocate for seniors, working hard to ensure older adults retain their right to dignity, autonomy and respect.

“Our experience in healthcare has shown us the incredible importance of equipping individuals with such a document. This is especially valuable for those in care settings with unfamiliar staff and without family nearby”.

Mark & Shannon, Motivation Medics Inc.
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