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Delivering A New Age of Dignity

Working as BC registered heath care professionals, husband and wife team Mark and Shannon Romano founded Motivation Medics Inc. to assist adult children caring for elderly parents. They noticed how adult children struggled with difficult emotions and complicated systems while trying to support their aging parent(s). Senior’s values and wishes were not always well understood by care providers and families seemed overwhelmed making uninformed decisions on behalf of their loved ones. Too many adult children were remembering their parents’ final years with guilt and regret. Mark and Shannon seek to change that with experienced care consulting and counselling.

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“Motivation Medic’s mission is to support adult children caring for elderly parent(s). We are committed to improving the experience of adult children and elderly parents as they journey through transition and loss.”

Plan for the Future

Inspired by years of working in long term care and witnessing seniors lose autonomy and independence to varying degrees, husband and wife team Mark and Shannon Romano designed Let Me Introduce Myself™, a proprietary document that informs care providers of necessary information related to the familial, cultural, spiritual, physical, emotional and social aspects of someone’s life. Paired with further support services, this document is a critical resource that outlines someone’s personhood and identity to encourage greater understanding and respect in long term care settings.

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 “The information you make available to health care providers significantly impacts your care experience”.

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