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Let Me Introduce Myself™

Let Me Introduce Myself™ is a Customized Personal Care Profile that includes a record of someone’s advance care planning documents and other important information that gives family and health care providers the critical information they need to offer personal support, make important decisions, and give the best care possible. Documenting what is meaningful to a person helps maintain their identity and personhood while in care, according to thier wishes, values and beliefs.

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Mark and Shannon Romano are independent care consultants that offer expert advise by phone or videoconference. With more than 30 years combined experience in senior care, Mark and Shannon offer consultancy services to help plan, manage and review care for elderly loved ones. They help adult children be the best advocates possible to their parent(s) in care.

“Call now for experienced consultancy services so you can focus on what matters most”

Shannon & Mark Romano, Motivation Medics Inc.

Online Counselling

  • Grief and Loss

    emotional support & clinical guidance to assist you through transition and loss

  • Family Dynamics

    conflict resolution and mediation to support families at a difficult time

  • Transition

    support through transitions in care and life